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Dennis Wagner
National Correspondent, San Diego
I’m a vintage, bald, investigative reporter for The Arizona Republic and the USA Today News Network. My job is to identify and expose corruption, incompetence and criminal conduct. I’ve been doing watchdog journalism more than four decades. It’s a vocation that allowed me to break the national VA scandal, hunt terrorists after the 9/11 attack, get car-jacked in the LA riots, confront Mafia hitman Sammy the Bull Gravano, fly a combat mission over Iraq and traipse the border at night with agents hunting smugglers. In an era of fake news, I hope the real information I gather makes a difference to you. I strive to report with integrity and diligence. I want to keep at it another four decades. Meantime, I have a wife, dog, kids, grandchildren and a life-long love affair with wilderness. All of those give me humanity, humility, joy and an equal sense of purpose.