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Have you been The Simple Veganista's version a try. There are also tasty add-in options like chocolate chips and nuts. 

Five ingredients or less: The Wholesome Dish's "Best Classic Meatloaf" recipe takes about an hour and has garnered reviews of five stars out of five.

Low-carb creation: If you're looking to skip the breadcrumbs,'s "Bacon-Wrapped Keto Meatloaf" is sure to please.


Flapjacks, hotcakes, little circular pillows of joy – whatever you call them, pancakes are popular in quarantine. Want a breakfast pick-me-up with countless topping options? Get flipping with these recipes.

Classic cakes: If you want to be transported to your childhood,'s "Good Old Fashioned Pancakes" should do the trick.

Missing ingredients? No problem. If you're out of milk or eggs, you can still whip up some pancakes with's dairy-free version. 

Yes, there are still things you can make: Joy Food Sunshine's version aims to please, promising "crispy edges with soft and chewy centers." Yum! You can also add in your favorite mix-ins like chocolate chips or raisins. 

Low on supplies? That's OK! The Big Man's World's "3 Ingredient Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies" only call for bananas, rolled oats and peanut butter (and, if you want, chocolate chips). Bonus: The recipe is also vegan!

Baked ravioli

An easy bake: Were you able to snag a bag of frozen cheese ravioli at the store? Great! You can throw them and a few other ingredients together for Betty Crocker's ravioli bake.

Looking for a bit more bite? Try Land O' Lakes' crispy baked ravioli as an appetizer, meal or even a tasty, cheesy snack.

Sourdough crackers

Simple squares: If you're looking for a plain sourdough cracker recipe that can easily be paired with an assortment of dips and toppings, try King Arthur Flour's version, which is lightly salted. 

Flavor-packed: If you want your crackers to pack a bit more punch in the flavor department, try Zesty South Indian Kitchen's version, which is a cheddar cheese and rosemary sourdough cracker. 

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